We are committed to build long term relationships with our customers, knowing their needs, propensities and preferences and make sure, that their contracts and opponents are chosen appropriately. Relevant coordination of each detail, allows to shape fighter’s development path reasonably.

Current MMA rooster includes:
Wojciech Buliński (Poland; 117kg), Aires Benrois (Portugal; 84kg), Armenio Neto (Portugal; 84kg), Vitor Nobrega (Brazil; 77kg), Helson Henriques (Angola; 70 kg), Artur Lemos (Portugal; 70kg), Mansur Azhiev (Poland; 61kg), Isaac Pimentel (Brazil; 56kg), Victor Marinho (Portugal; 56kg), Eduardo Felipe (Brazil; 56kg).

Current K1 rooster includes:
- Cezary Zugaj Jr. (Polish Muaythai Champion IFM) 70kg
- Bruno Carvalho (K-1, WKN World Champion) 70-77kg
- Arkadiusz Dembiński (K-1, Full-contact, Savate) 80-85 kg